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May 20 2017

Premium WordPress Themes by Themetry

I don’t even need a new WordPress theme right now, but I stumbled across these, and they’re quite nice.

May 09 2017

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Amy Adams photographed by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello for The New York Times

There might be some swooning going on over here.

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To celebrate its 5-year anniversary, the ebook of Steal Like An Artist is on sale for $1.99 at the following retailers: Amazon, B&N, Apple, Google Play, and Kobo.

I enjoyed this book.

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Norwegian forest cat chasing a fox

did you mean: two best friends on an IMPORTANT ADVENTURE

April 29 2017

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Shy ladybug. 

© Amanda S., 2017. Tumblr -Website - RedBubble - Society Six

April 19 2017

April 18 2017

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ultra casual

Yes, but the uncropped photo (by Chris Pizzello) of Lynch campaigning for Laura Dern to get an Oscar for Inland Empire is even better.

Without cheese there wouldn’t be an Inland Empire.

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Well, so long as you’re going mushroom picking, you might as well dress up for it. And carry a trombone.

Buy it HERE.

No, for serious, you guys.  You need to find a copy of this book.  It is amazing.  My coworkers and I tell everybody about it.

Every picture in the book is like this.  They are all inexplicable, full of exactly the kind of people you expect to be in a book with this cover, wearing clothing that is either entirely inappropriate for mushrooming or exactly the clothes you wear mushrooming (which are eccentric), and doing strange and silly things with fungs.

It is amazing.

Probably it is also informative about mushrooms, as our local mushroomers do check it out a lot, but mostly the pictures are just great.

This book HAUNTS me. 

It showed up at my old used bookstore occasionally years ago and every time I saw it, it made me vaguely sick. “Who is this man? Why is he dressed like that? Does he know he looks like a fucking creepypasta? Why the trumpet?” 

And then my old used bookstore closed down, I worked at a new bookstore for four years and forgot about it. And then I moved to Portland, got a job at a very large, very well known used bookstore, cracked open a box and there was this fucker again like a goddamn cymbal monkey. And that old unease came rushing back. “Who are you, David Arora? What does the rain promise?  What did it promise you? And what did you give it?”

Even now, I’m in my apartment, my wife sleeping peacefully in the other room and I’m staring at this book cover like I’m the protagonist in a Lovecraft story, losing my goddamn mind and all I can think is that I have NEVER been more mystified by mushrooms.

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April 12 2017

The Website Obesity Crisis

Let me start by saying that beautiful websites come in all sizes and page weights. I love big websites packed with images. I love high-resolution video. I love sprawling Javascript experiments or well-designed web apps. This talk isn’t about any of those. via Pocket

March 19 2017

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@caitlandia as Seven of Nine. Borg makeup by @rathole

© Amanda S., 2017. Tumblr -Website - RedBubble - Society Six

Borg prosthetics by me, at https://vixenlabs.com

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Me cosplaying as Female Romulan Commander. Costume by @bunnybubblesdesigns and ears by @rathole 

© Amanda S., 2017. Tumblr -Website - RedBubble - Society Six 

Some shots of making these ears on http://instagram.com/vixenlabs

March 18 2017

March 13 2017

Yes, Your Sleep Schedule Is Making You Sick

Jet lag makes everyone miserable. But it makes some people mentally ill. There’s a psychiatric hospital not far from Heathrow Airport that is known for treating bipolar and schizophrenic travelers, some of whom are occasionally found wandering aimlessly through the terminals. via Pocket

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Peridot. I wasn’t able to get their info, but I would love to add credits.

© Amanda S., 2017. Tumblr -Website - RedBubble - Society Six

So, so good.

March 08 2017

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And here is me as the Female Romulan Commander from the Enterprise Incident. With thanks to @tdro  (costuming) and @rathole (ears). 

© Amanda S., 2017. Tumblr -Website - RedBubble - Society Six

So good! There will be more about the making of the ears on https://vixenlabs.com soon.

February 24 2017

Kilauea Cove Build — Part 5: Smoke & Lights

Kilauea Cove Build — Part 5: Smoke & Lights

Back to the good stuff — smoke and lights! Now that I have (almost) all of the decor in place, I can see how the lights will play off of everything. First things first: let’s re-mount the lights. Re-mounting the PaleoPixels Way back in Part 1 of this series, I had mounted the Adafruit 12mm Diffused Thin Digital RGB LED Pixels to the underside of the unfortunately-shaped curved HVAC duct that…

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February 22 2017

Kilauea Cove Build — Part 4: Shelves, Trim & Decor

Kilauea Cove Build — Part 4: Shelves & Trim

Stain and urethane on the carved trim
Now that the walls are covered, the next step is the shelves and trim. There’s already some bamboo molding, but we’ve also got some carved tiki trim in store. Bottle Shelves I wanted some sturdy shelves in the corner to hold bottles, as well as additional mugs and glasses. I figured some hefty 2×8″ boards would do the trick, only I didn’t want them to be square and boring. I took a jigsaw to the…

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February 20 2017

Play fullscreen

Basement Volcano — Kilauea Cove - YouTube

Here’s a more pro-fessional video of the smoke-and-lights volcano feature I made for my basement tiki bar, Kilauea Cove. More making-of details here!

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Filling in some of the build details on my basement tiki bar:

Kilauea Cove Build — Part 3: Paint, Reed & Bamboo » Vixen Labs

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